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Smart Radio Communications

Planning & Optimization Services

Safe, highly available, reliable, economical, on schedule and in line with your budget...

...that’s how we plan your individual network. Our planning is based on long-term international experience in critical communications. A large number of successfully completed projects, in access and microwave planning, SCADA solutions as well as tunnel and indoor coverage planning, demonstrates our abilities.

As independent experts, not connected with any vendor or installer, LS telcom has helped many organizations to ensure that their radio networks are fit for purpose, and operating effectively. From the outset of requirement gathering and network definition, to downstream improvements and modifications to existing networks, our skilled staff can ensure that an optimum outcome, minimizing financial outlay whilst delivering the right quality of service. Our substantial experience in this field can be brought to bear to help deliver a more cost-effective and optimized outcome.

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Our portfolio includes:

  • Definition and determination of requirements
  • Capture of existing infrastructure
  • System design and concept
  • Pre-planning and cost estimation
  • Basic design, approval planning, detailed design
  • Coverage, topology, capacity and frequency planning
  • Radio, microwave and fixed network planning
  • Planning of tunnel and indoor coverage, as well as other special coverage planning
  • Concept for SCADA networks
  • Cost calculation & cost planning
  • Preparation of frequency usage plan
  • Digitization, optimization and extension of radio networks
  • Quality and coverage measurements
  • Interference analysis, localization of interference and interferers

Find out yourself how our experts apply advanced planning tools and innovative measurement and monitoring solutions to cater for your particular requirements.

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